Spence Farm Badger Killers at Wodetone vineyard PULL OUT OF CULL

URGENT UPDATE, Wodetone Vineyard have pulled out of the badger cull, we’ve just been sent this email:

On Tue, 9 Oct 2018, 14:14 Mary Riddle, <info@vineyardbandb.co.uk> wrote:

As you probably realise we have received a lot of email about our involvement in the badger cull, and we would like to reply to them all with the following.
We were approached last year by local farmers, who told us their cows and livelihoods were suffering due to TB. We have no cows ourselves so it was of no benefit for us to join; however we have known these farmers for many years and trusted their judgment. Of course ignorance is not an excuse and we allowed our land to be included as long as we didn’t have to participate in any way. We attended no meetings and have not been involved in any of the process.
Hindsight is a wonderful thing and we now realise this was a mistake. You are correct that we even promoted badgers on our website and that is an oversight that will be corrected. We have spoken to the relevant people and the cull on our land has been stopped and will not happen again in the future either.

Spence Farm is owned by Peter and Rosemary Nutkins, who run a B&B, a livery and an electrical repair business from part of the premises – but the majority of their land is worked by their tenants – Mary and Nigel Riddle. They run Wodetone Vineyard, which is contracted by Furleigh Estates to supply their grapes – Mary runs the higher profile operation, a Bed & Breakfast establishment.


Recently a number of cages were removed from on top of a badger sett at Spence Farm, one of which had obviously been already used as the trapper had not seen fit to replace the blood soaked stone. These cages were dismantled and repurposed as an artistic demonstration of their activities. This is a popular dog walking area and we feel it only fair that the public are aware of the violence occurring just the other side of the hedgerow from their well walked footpath.

The next day further cages were found on Spence Farm land. At around 14:00 (two hours after the latest time permitted) a shot was heard by a sab in the field, who proceeded at speed towards the source. They were horrified to see the shooter and his mate pick up the cage containing the dead badger, dripping blood, and then throw it in the back of a vehicle and move off – but not before pausing to photograph the sab and laugh in their face. The vehicle returned to Spence Farm buildings.

We wonder what business does a vineyard have with badgers? Well, on their home page, Wodetone Vineyard make mention of their black and white residents as an attraction of their B&B. Why they have callously decided to kill them is anybody’s guess.

Furleigh Estate wine is tainted with the blood of innocent badgers. https://www.furleighestate.co.uk/shop/wines

Please feel free to contact Wodetone Vineyard B&B to express your astonishment at their killing of badgers, the same badgers they exploit as a visitor attraction.

Please feel free to not buy the tainted wine from Furleigh – it’s really overpriced anyway.