NFU list of shooters

You can read all about how the NFU’s website was hacked here and the update a few days later here.

This first map with 20 shooters randomly chosen went up on 21st September 2020. More will follow each day.

There are details on each marker, if they have a business then look for places you can give it poor reviews like or trip advisor.

With their phone numbers you can ring them directly and politely tell them what you think of them, use 141 before you dial their number and your phone number won’t be seen.

If you want to be more anonymous than that, what many people have done in previous years is buy a cheap phone, you can buy them for under a tenner. Buy a top up voucher from a supermarket till using cash and then choose a price plan that is good for minutes. If you then only put the sim into it when away from home and remember to take the sim out again before going home, there is then no trace of you anywhere! This is particularly handy if you are awake all night and want to chat to someone. Also to save time if you enter all the shooters details into your phone as contacts it’s fast dialing and saves having lists of phone numbers to write down.

Remember, it’s hard to shoot a badger when you are being called all the time.

If you search online for “request callback” along with pretty much anything you can think of, “pest controllers” “compensation claims” “mortgage advice” you can fill out an online form and the company will then start doing the calls to the shooters for you.

To remain safe online when doing this you should download the Tor browser onto your device, it’s the easiest and fastest way to use the internet without leaving any kind of trail from your computer.

Send them a postcard or a letter or an email (for a fairly safe disposable email, fire up your Tor Browser then but remember to be polite as any threats may well be followed up by the police.
Perfectly legal to pop to the shops, buy a postcard, write their address on it and simply write: “How do you sleep at night?”

And here is a link to the spreadsheet of the map.

Please bookmark this page, another 20 shooters will be going up every day and we need as many people as possible to help with this for maximum impact. If you happen to get the chance to photograph any of these shooters or know any incriminating information about any of them, please get in touch.

Second day, another 20

Third day, another 20

Fourth day, another 20

Fifth day