Pro Hunt and Pro Cull politicians

All of these MPs have voted for a repeal of the Hunting Act 2004 and/or for the badger cull. Many of them are in marginal seats. Please do contact them and tell them your thoughts.
Please do not google “request callback” with something like “pest control” or “injury claim” and then use these MP’s details as that will tie them down with nuisance calls.

Conservative MP’s List
Democratic Unionist Party MP’s List
Plaid Cymru MP’s List
Liberal Democrats MP’s List
Scottish National Party MP’s List
Labour Party MP’s List
Independent Ulster Unionist MP’s List

map of Tory MP’s who voted for badger cull and or fox hunting. This map was created a couple of years ago so make sure you check before doing any demonstrations outside their homes as some of them will no doubt have moved.

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