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Northamptonshire Farmers plan to kill badgers.

We received an anonymous tip off about a meeting for farmers to sign up to the badger cull in Northamptonshire, we sent someone along to see if they could get in;

video here:

This is the email that was sent out as an invitation to farmers:

Thank you for your continued support of our application for a wildlife control licence. We are very grateful and encouraged by the level of support the farming community has given for this licence application and we are now in a position to move forward and start cage trap training. To legally set and dispatch in cages, you must attend and pass a Natural England approved training session. This session will provide you with the techniques and skills enabling you to identify good trap locations and effective baiting techniques as well as covering the legal aspects of trapping badgers. The dispatch in cages is carried out with a 12-bore shotgun using frangible ammunition. If you do not have a shotgun certificate you can still train and become a set traps only (STO) contractor. We will then arrange for another person to dispatch any badgers you catch. We have arranged cage trap training sessions to be held near Blakesley on the following dates: Monday 13th June – 8.30am or 1pm or 6pm Tuesday 14th June– 8.30am or 1pm or 6pm Wednesday 15th June – 8.30am Please bring your shotgun certificate with you to the training (if applicable) as we are required to accurately record the details as part of the licence. Places on each session are limited, please book your place as soon as possible by contacting Megan by email: or by calling your sector lead. If you know of others who would like to train for cage trapping on your land or other land within the licence area, please ask them to contact us using the details above to book their place. We are also still holding training/assessments for controlled shooters. If you know of someone who you would like to carry out controlled shooting on your land, please send their details to us to the email address above. To be eligible to attend the training/assessment for controlled shooting the licensed firearms certificate holders must have a minimum .22 centre fire rifle with muzzle energy of 1,000 ft/lbs or higher and the bullet weight must be a minimum of 50 grains. They must have had a compliant rifle on their firearms certificate for at least 12 months and have no conditions on their licence. Sett Surveys As part of the licence all participating land must be sett surveyed by the 13th June. The sett surveys help us with planning for resource allocations and help contractors to start planning where they will most effectively set cages and carry out shooting. The sett surveys can be completed either by yourself, or if you know who will be covering your farm for trapping or shooting, please ask them to complete the survey for your land. We have included guidance on how to complete the sett surveys and a table which we ask that you complete and return to either your sector lead or by email to by the 13th June. Biosecurity Controlling the disease reservoir within the wildlife population is only part of the solution. We must also ensure that measures are taken on farms to reduce the spread of this disease from cattle-to-cattle transmission. There is a lot of useful information to help you to protect your cattle and business from TB available on the TB Hub: We encourage everyone to visit the TB Hub website when purchasing cattle to make informed decisions and to understand the sellers TB history: For free, bespoke advice on practical, cost-effective measures to reduce the risks associated with TB please contact the TB Advisory Service on 01306 779410 or email or visit their website We have enclosed the NFU’s biosecurity risk assessment which we ask that you complete and keep for your records. Security For security purposes you will NOT be contacted by anyone you do not know regarding this project. Your sector lead will be your main point of contact and if anyone i.e. NFU or Natural England do need to contact you, your sector lead will notify you in advance who will be contacting you and why. Remember: IF IT IS OUT OF THE BLUE, IT’S NOT FOR YOU We would like to stress that personal security is of paramount importance to us and it is therefore imperative that you keep all information regarding the control programme confidential. Please contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards, WNHH

Along with this email they sent a file on how to do sett surveying, you can read it here.


Over the last week Derbyshire Against the Cull have exposed 13 body bin sites. Badgers have been stored at these sites for almost the last five weeks of killing across the county and collected by a vehicle belonging to Flanders Fallen Stock.

FFS won the contract to collect dead badgers last year and are still at it for a second year running. This year however, they’ve used a vehicle, which was posted on their Facebook page. Oops.

FFS and owner Mark Flanders have suspiciously taken all their social media accounts down this year, but their details are now in the public domain for you to enjoy. Despite FFS having a base in Coalville, Leicestershire, Mark Flanders lives in Leek and stores many of the company vehicles close to his house, the registered address for FFS, much to his neighbours dismay.

One vehicle (reg YK65 LHC) parked in Leek is the van which was filmed collecting dead badgers in Derbyshire last year, parked on the road near a school and Mark’s house.

Below, you can also find a handy map detailing the locations of body bins in Derbyshire and their mobile numbers. Imagine you are a badger, trapped in a cage, wondering how you got there and whose fault it was. Now imagine you’re sat at home with a phone and a list of numbers for those responsible.

Zoom out to see them all.

Henley Hall

Welcome to Henley Hall, Ludlow, SY8 3HD. “A beautiful house in a magical location” where Helen and Sebastian Phillips organise weddings and events and even yoga retreats! They keep a dirty little secret though, they really like to kill badgers too!

“Dr Helen Phillips alongside her partner Lieutenant Colonel Sebastian Phillips, smiling whilst thinking about killing badgers”

This is Helen’s Facebook profile if you want to have a quick look:

Imagine the scenery; long, white dress. Smiles. Bubbly. Surrounded by oaks that are hundreds of years old, with your wedding photographer behind you when you realise you’re mopping badger blood with the train of your dress!

Do not worry, Helen and Sebastian are here to help and will ensure once the cull is over you do not have to see badgers ever again.

This is not an exaggeration either! Before the cull had even started, Helen and Sebastian were already at it, snaring badger runs and leaving their bodies to rot attached to the fence. You would’ve thought they would clean up if they didn’t want to be caught murdering a protected species!

A poor badger that died agony snared to a fence in Henley Hall.

Once the cull started, they decided to set some badger traps around the gardens to ensure no more badgers “ruin” their perfectly manicured park.

One of the traps that Helen and Sebastian were hoping would help them murder badgers.

Henley Hall doesn’t just do weddings tho. They organise wellbeing and yoga retreats. Namaste, right?! Jules Burdett, the yoga teacher, seems to really like dogs.

Jules, the yoga teacher. Is she into murdering badgers?

We don’t know if she really hates badgers, but here is her email. You can drop her a line and ask why she is working with Helen and Sebastian when they are known badger murderers! You can also have a chat with her over Facebook if you prefer.

Email address:

Facebook profile:

Henley Hall welcomes bookings and really likes a good review.

You can give them a call on this number: 01584 875328

Or you can WhatsApp them on their personal number: 07900 343440

If you feel so inclined, you can also check their social media accounts:




And of course, this is their website:

As always, keep communications polite and never call at night as they will be too busy killing badgers to answer your questions.

Beaufort Hunt Staff Killing Badgers?

In a scene reminiscent from when pro-hunt scummers targeted Chris Packham’s home with a snared dead fox, members of a badger patrol in Wiltshire, were horrified to discover a dead shot fox had been deliberately placed in the entrance to field which was being monitored daily following an incident in which shooters had been stopped from shooting wildlife.

The field in question is owned by the Prior Family, who own Upper Coombe Farm, operating under the name of WP Prior & Sons in Castle Coombe. The farmers are a known cull farm who have been spotted by badger protectors in previous years culling badgers. Farming brothers Ben and John Prior are arable, ‘organic’ dairy and beef farmers, and Ben has been previously reported in 2008 to be urging the government to consider allowing him to cull badgers on the family’s organic farm. John is parish councillor with Castle Coombe Council.

During an earlier cull during 2019, we reported cull shooters operating on the Prior’s land were reported to police following an incident after killing a badger, they attacked a vehicle belonging to two badger protectors who were involved in a badger rescue attempt in the neighbouring Manor Hotel, whereby a hotel guest filmed an injured badger with a fenn trap attached to its leg enter into its sett on land belonging to the Manor Hotel’s Golf Course. The attack on the badger protectors delayed the rescue attempt, and sadly the badger passed away in one of the sett tunnels having pulled its own leg off underground to free itself from the trap.

Fast forward to September 2021, badger protectors patrolling in the Castle Coombe area heard shots fired coming from the Woodbury Hill Plantation area of Upper Castle Coombe. They witnessed a Silver Truck (Registration DN57 WMO] being driven by someone dressed in Hunt Staff attire, this was hardly surprising given the area is renowned Beaufort Hunt Country and the same day the Beaufort had been out terrorising the wildlife in nearby Foxham. The driver of the silver truck was clearly involved in the shooting, having been caught red handed in the field following the shots being taken.

Badger protectors returned to the field the following evening this time the shooters had brought along with them a pair of grunting terrier boys on an illegal quad. The quad was photographed and forwarded onto Wiltshire Police – as it was clearly unregistered on the public road (an offence under the Road Traffic Act) and was being driven illegally with a passenger. It’s worth noting that at no point in either incident, despite firearms being used and terrier boys driving illegally, did any police ever attend.

Determined to ensure that no more wildlife was killed on Prior’s land, badger protectors were visiting the area nightly. On Sunday, they returned late at night, to be met with a grizzly scene in which a dead shot fox had been deliberately place in the entrance to Prior’s field presumably as a warning or threat for the badger protectors. The fox had clearly been shot with a rifle a day or two beforehand, it had an entry wound but no exit. The wound itself was poor placement, and the poor fox would likely have suffered before death. We can’t fathom what sort of a man or men would inflict suffering on an innocent animal in this way, and then to use the poor animals dead body in this way. But then we aren’t dealing with fully rounded human beings are we. Why not contact the landowners and ask them if they are aware their cull contractors are behaving like this on their land.

Badger Killers HQ phone number.

EDIT they have changed the number and are now answering on:
01236 804778

Making phone calls to people is entirely lawful as long as you don’t threaten them, by using 141 before you type the number in it means the person receiving the calls cannot see your number.

Please do call this number all through the day and night, the more calls they receive, the longer they are on the phone for, the harder it is for shooters to get through.

You can also search google for “request callback” combined with “personal injury” “mortgage” and then put this number in so that companies start calling them up as well.

IF a shooter can’t get through then they may not go out, you can save lives just by making a phone call, or two.

Jacob Rees Mogg favourite fox hunt about to fold.

Who’s laughing now?

On New Years Eve it was revealed that the notorious Mendip Farmers Hunt had left a device unsecured which had been accessed, it included a spreadsheet that was described as a “followers database“. That was turned into a map, uproar ensued with hunt followers on facebook getting very very angry and upset that it would lead to terrorism!

Weird cos they are big hard guys in the field, ganging up and attacking any sab no matter how much smaller they are in stature. The big hard men it seems are worried someone might ring them up and start asking them questions!! Something which is perfectly lawful.

Maybe the anger came from the frustration of not knowing how many files of theirs we actually have? Today we can reveal that we have minutes from their meetings and we can see why they are so on edge, they are close to collapse!
June Minutes download here.
November Minutes download here.

Check out this comment from June 2020 minutes:

Further on in the same minutes, the desperation is clear:

November doesn’t seem much brighter for them, with their only asset Bowery Bungalow looking like it will have to be sold to keep the hunt going:

Bowery Bungalow BA5 3DB

We understand that the thousands of pounds they usually earn from the Glastonbury festival is from working as stewards, we would suggest that charities such as Oxfam and Greenpeace who supply a number of festival stewards already should replace the Mendip Farmers.

This year’s Glastonbury festival is rumoured to be called off, but should it go ahead, if stewards start being questioned about their involvement in fox hunting, then Michael Eavis only has himself to blame for employing violent nutters in the first place.

Why not give Mr. Eavis a ring and ask him politely why he employs fox hunting thugs?

If you would like to help finish this hunt off, why not look through the spreadsheet or map and start making phone calls to people who live on farms?

If enough people make the calls then it may make a real difference, just a few farms pulling their land access to the hunt could be the final nail in the coffin for this hunt.

Over 600 Mendip Farmers Hunt supporters revealed.

Jacob Rees Mogg, Helena Rees Mogg and Tom Rees Mogg, all supporters of Mendip Farmers

The Mendip Farmers Fox Hunt and their followers are well known to be one of the most violent hunts in the West Country, they have assaulted hunt sabs and monitors on numerous occassions over the years.

Well what goes around comes around, a member of Mendip Farmers Hunt made the foolish mistake of losing a device that contained a spreadsheet with all the supporters listed: “Mendip Farmers Followers”

It’s accuracy is only known to the people on that list and if anyone thinks they shouldn’t be on the list, then they should contact the Mendip Farmers in the first instance and demand an explanation as to why they were on their followers database.

As you would expect there are all sorts of titled people. Jacob Rees Mogg MP being the most famous, Sir David Wills and his wife Lady Paula Wills, Lord Waldegreave who is the chairman of the school governors of Eton.

We hope that fox hunters see some sense and make a New Years resolution to give up the filthy habit of fox hunting.

We will be working hard to ensure that 2021 is as painful for the entire hunting community as 2020 has been.

Happy New Year

The Hunting Office, Webinars.

This year due to coronavirus, the Hunting Office which is the executive arm
of all the hunting with hound organisations, had it’s annual AGM via Zoom.

The AGM was broken down into webinars on specific subjects. Unbeknown to the organisers, one of the 100+ Hunt Masters who attended, clearly has
an axe to grind, this disgruntled Master (who is unknown to us), recorded the webinars and sent copies to us at Stop the Cull.

Whilst Stop the Cull certainly does frequently report on and campaign on
hunting issues, we immediately decided to hand over all the footage to the
Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) because they are the organisation with the most experience on hunting, this is the one thing that the Master of
Foxhounds Association (MFHA) clearly agrees with us on!

Below are the youtube links to the full webinars. We urge everyone to go
over to the HSA website, where you can find out a lot more.

If you would like to help protect our wildlife, please consider becoming a member of the HSA. 
It costs £20 per year which is a bargain – so why not buy a membership for a friend whilst you’re at it.
Or you can make a donation to the HSA here: link.

Hector’s House of Hell.

Nick Hector.

Report recieved:

Everyone meet Nick Hector, he lives at Withypool Farm, Barrows Drove, Somerset BS28 4HF.
Nick is a badger cull director in Somerset. Nick doesn’t come across as the scummiest of folk we’ve ever crossed but looks can be deceiving, especially for this seemingly harmless family guy…..

His business MPL Solutions Ltd serves the explicit purpose of killing badgers. It’s a very lucrative business for Nick and his associates, namely Hayden Garret and his brother Tim Hector.

As you can see from their accounts, their wildlife massacring venture is making some money with assets of £227,868. That’s quite a substantial amount of money – the humble farmer would have any of us believe they are quite hard done by!

You would think they wouldn’t need extra money from such an odious task seeing as they already have income streams from their day jobs.

Nick is a cow exploiter and along with Tim is to inherit the local Wedmore butcher shop Hectors Farm Shop from Daddy Hector.

You can call the farm shop to check their opening hours on 01934 712384.
You can check their Facebook reviews just here:
And you can have a look at their website on this link:

Inside the barn.

Nick breeds turkeys who he also kills onsite at Withypool Farm within one of the grimmest set ups you could imagine, inside the back of a truck, surrounded by bins of festering dead birds and sacks of overflowing feathers. A blatant disregard for any of the major biosecurity risks this
presents, especially considering badger bodies are regularly exchanged throughout these buildings too.

slaughter truck

Multiple scrap metal heaps also spill out across the farm and recent visits confirm that Nick might not be doing too well in the cull after all, given the amount of obliterated cage remains sitting freshly on the piles.

scrap metal

One pile in particular caught our eye and has been reported to the police. Nick decided to dump a whole truckload of rubbish and tyres on top of an active badger sett! Nick, that is not the way to go, although seeing that you are not very good at your job we are not surprised you resort to illegally blocking a badger sett.

Seeing as wife Rachel Hector has been down Nick’s throat to get their fancy new farm house built we can see the motive behind wanting to slay-4-cash. Nick no doubt wants to prove himself as the future head of the Hector empire but recently when faced with a lone sab bashing cages right outside the open doorway to their home, Nick went into hiding!
What a guy!

Hayden Garret, also a dairy farmer at Pine Farm, Wrington Hill, Wrington, Bristol, United Kingdom, BS40 5PR is an ex- chairperson of the Somerset branch of the NFU. Given this position we wouldn’t expect him to be against badger slaughter (or any slaughter for that matter) but with a whopping half a mil of liabilities owing in 2019 we could see why Garret would want to top up the money pot in any way he can. Blood money isn’t the way though Hayden.

Tim Hector is a venerated member of the Cooper Tanner and Wedmore group. Who are well known real estate agents in the South West and Tim handles all of their dealings in

agricultural land as well as being a cattle auctioneer. So many strings Timbo! We wonder if the Cooper and Tanner customers would be happy that their money goes to fund a badger murdering family. We think not.
Cooper and Tanner have a Facebook you can have a look at:
And they also have a telephone number, so you wish to enquire if a house on the market is splattered in badger blood: 01373 831010
So seeing that the cull isn’t going too well for poor Nick Hector, we wonder if getting involved in murdering badgers is something he regrets.
If you want to, you can give him a call and ask him on: 01934 712478.

You no longer operate in the dark.

You should’ve never joined the badger cull.

Badman Caravan Park

This is James Badman and his wife Rhoda. They live in Panborough,
in-between the picturesque towns of Glastonbury and Cheddar, and run a
dairy farm and caravan site called Garden End Farm. As if they weren’t
busy enough, they also decided to join the badger cull this year.

Multiple cages have been laid around their caravan park, which is
described on their website as “sitting amongst our apple and plum
trees.” No mention of the badger blood splattered against the floor.
We believe it is nefarious not to be open to their customers about
their badger murdering activities. As their website reads; “The campsite
has hedges covering three of the four sides making it safe for
children.” But we are not too sure it is very safe for children to be
exposed to firearms, and being totally honest, it is those hedges that
are being used to hide the cages to trap and murder badgers.

James finds himself a bit of an activist. In 2012 he led an action blockading
a dairy farm as a protest for the low wholesale price of milk. Instead
of realising that it is deeply disturbing to forcefully impregnate and
milk cows for profit, he went on with his dairy business and decided to
join the badger cull. Mr Edward Badman (James’s dad) attempted a bit
of a political career in the local council, but stood down earlier this
year alongside George Bethell (who he shares a failed Slurry company

We wonder if they encountered some opposition to the badger cull
and had to walk away from it to ensure Wedmore based badger cull company owner Nick Hector didn’t get into too much trouble.

Well, Mr Badman, you chose wrong. And we know you did wrong because
your business is going bust. You just dissolved your Slurry business
after fucking about lending yourself money multiple times and your Dairy
company owed half a million pounds at the end of last year. Did you
think killing badgers would make you some money? As we said, you really,
really chose wrong.

The good thing about it is that everybody can tell Mr Badman about his
wrongdoing! This is Garden End Caravan Site telephone number:
01934 712414

And here is their website, where you can fill a form to book some days
with them!

They also have a Facebook, so once you’ve booked your visit you can
review them and let them know what you thought about their business!

Their instagram is here if you want to follow them on social media:

This is their address, in case you want to camp there and you get lost:
Garden End Farm, Panborough, Wells BA5 1PN

LIKELY NOT BE HAPPY ABOUT THIS. Give them a call here: 0845 130

Or write to them on Facebook here:
Please keep all communications polite and DO NOT call them at night,
in case they are resting before shooting badgers in the morning.

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