Badger cull final days? propped up with sticks and held together with string

Three weeks ago on this site a prediction was made that the badger cull could fall apart, due to a lack of resources. But with two weeks to go we didn’t expect for the culls to be falling apart quite so badly as it is.

Shooters going out alone, is now a common site in a number of areas.
Police trying to tail saboteurs and keep them out of locations where shooters are working is common practice in more than one zone.
Shooters repeatedly and desperately attempting to get into areas where they know there are activists and numerous badgers.
A steady and sure drop in cages being found in cull zones, some of which were heaving with cages in the early weeks (many hundreds have now been flattened).

But of all these pieces of the jigsaw, pointing to cull catastrophe, none has prepared us for what was passed on to us today. We are assured this is not the work of children and they are not the first to be found. Totally unlawful and a clear indication of where the cull companies now stand.


propped up with sticks, this repaired cage was baited and set to kill.


cullers now knowing that their failure is so massive, are trying to put old pixied cages back together with bits of string and wire.

It’s time for the police and natural england to pull the plug on this tragic farce.

If they can’t or won’t put the cull companies out of their misery, then they mustn’t be allowed to limp along and perform god knows what cruelties to our wildlife in the process.

It’s down to us who engage in direct action, to knuckle down for the final two weeks and finish them off for good.