Badger abusers exposed


Charlotte Reynolds was filming at her friend Sophie Poole’s BBQ when Billy Brough turned up with a badger (his google account here), holding it by the scruff he shows it to Mark who then gets bitten.

The video was seen by many thousands of people online and a number of newspapers ran with it as a story, you can view the video here. You can read the daily mail coverage of the story here.

The RSPCA and the police are now investigating under the protection of badgers act 92, as it is illegal to take a badger.

Earlier today we reported that the incident was believed to have happened at Alcott farm, We were tipped off that that was the location and when we did checks on Sophie Poole’s facebook page we could see she is friends with the people who run the farm.
Alcott farm are categorically denying that this bbq took place and further that Sophie is not related, we think its worth giving them the benefit of the doubt until further evidence is uncovered.

*UPDATE* we are now convinced that Alcott farm is not in any way involved and we apologise unreservedly for naming them. If you have reviewed their facebook page, please delete the review as soon as possible.


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