Badger killer Barwell, still has power.

In the run up to the election “stop the cull” facebook page spent money on promoting posts into pro hunt and pro badger cull mp’s constituencies. Of the 11 targetted, 6 are now no longer MP’s:
Neal Carmicheal (stroud)
Gavin Barwell (croydon)
Ben Howlett (bath)
Karl Mcartney (lincoln)
David Nuttall (bury north)
Victoria Borwick (kensington)

the five that stayed were: George Eustice (his majority was slashed from 7000 down to 1,500). Phillip Davies (majority of 9,600 cut in half to 4,800). Alex Chalk (6,000 majority slashed to 2,500) Richar Drax remained fairly unchanged and Michelle Donelan who’s majority increased!! (this is assumed due to previously 5 parties going for the seat and this year only 3)

These tory mp’s were chosen because they were close to cull zones and/or notorious for other heinous tory crimes as well as being pro cull or pro hunt.
Gavin Barwell was specifically chosen because of his position as housing minister, he had high numbers of people in his own constituency that had lived in B&Bs for many many months, he had also voted for the badger cull. Our plan was to try and find overlapping causes for voters to be repulsed by their tory candidates. This was the picture that was sent into the croydon area via facebook:

A few days after the election, Theresa May had to sack her close advisors due to the awful job they’d done of the election. In stepped Gavin Barwell as the new chief of staff. Just days after his appointment it became clear that as housing minister he had sat on reports rather than acting on them, this included putting sprinklers in tower blocks.

So a lot of people are now very angry with him and we think it’s only right that people write to him (politely of course) or ring him up and ask him questions about why he sits on reports and also why he voted for a badger cull.

please keep all calls polite and please do not put his phone number into sites you may find after googling “request callback safety”
maybe as chief of staff he’ll come to realise that killing badgers isn’t a policy the tories should be pursuing.