bTB rockets by 250% in Dorset badger cull zone.

Back in August 2013 we took a snapshot of the breakdowns inside where we expected the North Dorset badger cull to be taking place, there were 36 outbreaks. New cattle movement controls came in soon after which were expected to help manage the disease.

Nearly two years later in June 2015 we took another snapshot of exactly the same area, tight controls had seemed to work with a steep drop in outbreaks from 36 down to 20. A couple of months later in September 2015 the culls began, for the first time in N.Dorset.

The government promised that bTB would drop by roghly 15-30% DURING badger culls, we have compiled the government data again today (from and can exclusively reveal that bTB has now gone up by 250%. From the initial 20 outbreaks before the first cull to exactly 50 two years later.


Please contact your Mp and demand that they explain why the badger culls are continuing when there is no evidence showing that bTB has lowered due to culling.

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