Lack of Tetra radio hand sets, blows holes through badger cull roll out.

Since exposing the governments role in purchasing emergency services radio equipment, the badger cull has started to de-rail. We now have reports from insiders in two cull zones that the tetra radio equipment has now been withdrawn.



The fear is that anti cull saboteurs, now equipped with tetra radio detection units, will be able to quickly find free shooters and body vans.

If tetra radios have been withdrawn, we expect the police, defra and natural england to now have another omnishambles on their hands. Over and over throughout the badger killers risk assessment they are told if a serious incident occurs they must contact their control room ASAP. How can they do that with mobile phones when many of the cull zones have patchy reception? A: they can’t.

Please as a matter of urgency (the cull could start any day, it is weeks overdue already) email:,,,,,,,

To whom it may concern,
Now that badger cull companies are withdrawing tetra/airwaves equipment from those involved in free shooting badgers and instructing them to instead use mobile phones, can you please tell me how serious incidents with firearms will be reported by them when they are in an area of a badger cull with no mobile phone signal.

I eagerly await your reply

yours sincerely