Badger cull organiser has history of murder.

George Withers leaving court in 2010 after admitting to causing death from leaving mud on a road. Other drivers narrowly avoided crashing after also sliding on the mud.

We’ve done a lot of digging into George, he’s well known to be all smiles and laughter, but has a very very short temper. Known to be aggressive and a bully, several people we spoke to implored us not to mention that we’d spoken to him for fear of reprisals.

He’s also trying to cover up his contact details and in just the past week has had his listing removed from the yellow pages:

George Withers
Little Lype Farm, Moor Lane, Malmesbury SN16 9DR
Phone: 01666 822224
Mobile: 07850 598 088

Whilst following him when he was out shopping we noticed that he is on his mobile nearly all the time, you can send free texts to his phone telling him what you think of his attempts to kill thousands of badgers here:
choose united kingdom from the drop down menu where you see the american flag.

The longer George can be kept tied up on his mobile, the less chance he has of being able to organise the killing of badgers. Please do keep him on the phone for as long as you can.