Blood in the fields.

We are told the farmers want to kill badgers as a measure to control disease, so why have anti cull activists across the country been finding cages with blood and brains in them during the first week of culling?

Some of the finds are of locations where a cage trap has been put, a badger has been killed and the cage removed. Signs of the cage indentations were visible.

The Daily Mirror front page has got a lot of people talking about the rules and regulations of the badger cull, what a lot of people don’t know, is that the guidelines were totally overhauled after the first year of culling.

Why? because activists found multiple breaches, recorded and reported them.

What you see here is totally within the badger cull licence regulations as they currently stand.



Please do contact your MP and demand an immediate review of the benefits of badger culling as a method of disease control.

Liverpool Hunt Sabs

Cheshire Against The Cull

Cheshire Hunt Sabs

North Wiltshire
Stop the Cull

Blood and brains, still there 24 hours after the picture above was taken.

South Wiltshire
East Kent Sabs

South Dorset
Dorset Hunt Saboteurs

Devon County Hunt Saboteurs

Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs

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