Fox hunter who whipped sab

The national press has gone crazy for the story about the hunter who after trying to mow people down with her horse, went onto whip a hunt sab around the head.
The Daily Mail were kind enough to expose her real name “Jane Goring” although our electoral roll searches have found her name is “Jane Miller”

Jane & Richard Goring

Jane is the company director of “Rabbits Farm Equestrian & Livery”
Rabbits Farm, Dallington, Heathfield, East Sussex, England, TN21 9JX
Tel: 01424 838674
mobile: 07760 167623
She did have a facebook page for her business, but has in the last 24 hours pulled it.

Her partner Richard Goring, is in the hotel business which he runs with a number of other people. The Goring hotel has a royal warrant and is a personal favourite of the queen. One of the directors a “David Morgan-Hewitt” pictured here with Mrs.Thatcher, recently sold a house to none other than the number one badger killer “Michael Gove

We’ve recieved further information that “Lord Vestey” frequently stays in the Goring Hotel and it’s a particularly popular hotel with many wealthy hunt scum. Maybe this explains why Jane Miller hasn’t been arrested, indeed she seems to be getting a lot of protection as one person who sent her a text which stated that she hoped her business would suffer and that she would get arressted recieved this:

If you are going to contact Jane directly, it is worth keeping calls and texts polite to avoid any trouble. Some people have reportedly been googling “request callback ppi” and “request callback personal injury” etc and then adding her details.

The Times last night came out with a story that revolved around an as yet unseen video from earlier this hunting season, we can exclusively reveal the video here, as you can see at around 1m20s her partner comes along to talk to her, she shouts at him and makes a swipe at him. She really is a very violent person.

video is accompanied with this statement from a sab group:

“21st October, we had failed to find any other hunts then a supporter called us to say she had seen a hunt near Eridge Park, Sussex south of Tunbridge Wells close to where she lives.  She had seen hounds and riders and it is a known meet of the Southdown & Eridge Hunt.
We went there and found them at  a farm called Great Danegate, also a known meet of the Southdown & Eridge Hunt.
Sabs got out of the vehicle and were almost instantly assaulted an abused as shown in the video. It quickly became clear that this was a meet of the Mid-Surrey Farmers who are legitimate drag hunt of long standing, but unlike Bloodhounds they use fox hounds and also meet on Saturdays at the same meets as fox hunts.  
Because of this we get at least one call a year regarding them and we are duty bound to check them out for our supporters. This happened twice last season and both past occasions as soon as were recognised who they were we left.
After the assault, theft and breaking of the sabs glasses we did leave, before we did two members of the drag hunt came over and apologised for the woman’s behaviour and agreed that sabs had done nothing wrong and had reacted with great restraint to her attacks
The matter was been reported to the Sussex police on the day who have been having trouble identifying the woman who we heard called Jane.”

If we find out more about Jane, we will update this page.

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