Badgers in vineyard now safe!

Last night at 10pm we exposed Wodetone Vineyard as being part of the badger cull, today they responded to emails saying that they were no longer involved in the cull.

This is incredible news and proves beyond doubt that the exposing of people involved in the cull, can and does save lives.If you would like to support us, all of our patrons recieve a weekly digest on fridays, you can support us for just $1 a month (about 75p, the patreon site is based in America, we are based in the UK)

On Tue, 9 Oct 2018, 14:14 Mary Riddle, <> wrote:


As you probably realise we have received a lot of email about our involvement in the badger cull, and we would like to reply to them all with the following.
We were approached last year by local farmers, who told us their cows and livelihoods were suffering due to TB. We have no cows ourselves so it was of no benefit for us to join; however we have known these farmers for many years and trusted their judgment. Of course ignorance is not an excuse and we allowed our land to be included as long as we didn’t have to participate in any way. We attended no meetings and have not been involved in any of the process.
Hindsight is a wonderful thing and we now realise this was a mistake. You are correct that we even promoted badgers on our website and that is an oversight that will be corrected. We have spoken to the relevant people and the cull on our land has been stopped and will not happen again in the future either.