2019 Badger Cull licence details leaked. 64,400 to be targeted.

DEFRA still haven’t released the details of the badger cull for this year, instead they have misled people into thinking that the badger culls aren’t going ahead with headlines that the culls have been stopped after Boris Johnsons vegan girlfriend asked him nicely.
The truth is the badger culls are going ahead with as much full on blood lust from the tory party than any other year, a staggering 11 NEW cull zones are going ahead.

The tory government wants to kill 25,428 in these new zones and 37,471 a total of 62,899 across all the zones.
UPDATE,  we forgot to add the supplementary zones where 1,501 are licenced to be killed, making a total of 64,400

We would ask everyone who cares about badgers, to contact the Badger Action Network and find out who their local group is, to support them or even better to go out with them and help put an end to this senseless slaughter.

Jay Tiernan spokesperson for “Stop the Cull” said: The Tory government has sunk to a new low this year, hiding the cull licences and details and not publishing them when the cull starts and instead running a smoke and mirrors campaign of officially cancelling a cull zone at the last minute that they clearly never had any intention of licencing.
11 new cull zones and over 62,000 badgers targeted is the largest scale persecution of badgers that this country has ever seen.
Those involved in the killing of badgers, wether it’s the farmers, the shooters or the people in government should be aware, we the animal lovers of this country are angry and we will not allow this slaughter to take place without disruption and retribution.”

This is the targets for this year in the new zones:

Once again we can see that the MINIMUM number of badgers to be killed in the new zones is 2.69 badgers perKm2. Which is supposed to represent 70% of the badger population.

This is the targets for previous years:

If you would like to help us, we are an entirely voluntary organisation: