NFU trackers security flaw exposed.

All the shooters involved in the badger cull this year were issued TMT250 tracking devices by the NFU. What’s interesting in light of last weekends phone blockades is that you can see that the shooters all have to ring in to the central “ops room” before they go out shooting and again when they come home.
What we now know is that shooters have to ring in to their local parish organiser as the ops room can’t cope with the high volume of calls that have been made by anti cull protestors, none of the original 16 phone lines now work.

To add insult to injury, the tracking devices that the shooters use have massive security flaws that people on the ground have been exploiting for some time. The bluetooth on the device is constantly on and gives away that a shooter is near you simply by looking at your nearby devices on bluetooth. Waiting at roundabouts, or near petrol stations and crossroads can pay dividends.

You can go further and use BLE Scanner for android or iphone, an instruction manual on how to use that can be found here.
The trackers have a further weakness they operate on a SIM from Luxembourg making their numbers stand out if anyone is using an IMSI catcher. Once you’ve built your imsi catcher you want to get within a mile of a mobile tower, you can find the map here:

What happens next is anybody’s guess, in 2017 when we announced just before the cull that we could track the badger shooters due to their use of Tetra handsets, the cull was strangely put back by two weeks!

Shooters now have to call their local organiser rather than the ops room before going out to kill badgers, so it’s never been more vital to tie down the cull organisers telephones,  call them, sign them up to “request callback” on google searches, put adverts on gumtree, put adverts up in your local supermarket!

If you don’t do it, are you sure someone else will?


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