Game Farm Map goes Europe wide

Last year the Countryside Alliance put some effort into highlighting the map of game farms that had been compiled and put up online.

The CA, desperate to stop the public from knowing the locations of game farms, emailed all their members to ask Facebook to remove a post from “Stop the Cull”. Facebook agreed to remove the post, but crucially, the map is still up and all the CA achieved was letting everyone know exactly how worried the shooting industry is.

“It first became clear that an underground attack on the shooting industry was occurring when game farms in Wiltshire and Cornwall were targeted by animal rights extremists. In total, thousands of pounds of damage was caused, having significant impacts on the businesses. The criminals lauded and promoted their despicable attacks on several social media platforms using fake accounts, second-hand information and friendly media sources.”

We suspect the 50.000 plus views of the map is in itself proof of how much concern there is inside the industry.

Over the winter of 2019/20 a lot of effort has been put into updating the map with hundreds of locations across Europe. If you know anyone who is interested in Animal Rights anywhere in Europe, please consider passing on a link to this page to them and encourage them to film/protest/liberate.

If you’d like to support our work in exposing animal abusers, please consider buying us a cup of coffee, we run on small donations and your contribution does make a difference to our ability to continue.

You can view the map here: