With a huge leak of hundreds of shooters home addresses, mobile numbers and email addresses, we now need your help.

What we need to know is ANYTHING! their facebook, twitter, instagram, work details, where they went to school, their birthdays, criminal records, dirty secrets, whatever you know about them or can find out let us know:
If you don’t think you can help, think again! searches of email addresses and names all take time, it’s something you can do from home.
Here is the recent leak of shooters (google repeatedly removed the map after multiple legal requests, so the maps are now hosted safely on our own server)

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This map below is for directors of badger cull zones across the country:

The map ID you have entered does not exist. Please enter a map ID that exists.

If you are looking for farms in your local area that are within a badger culling area, this 2019 map of dairy farms is a good place to start, not all dairy farms within cull zones are signed up, but we would estimate over 90% are.

We are a small team of volunteers who aren’t paid, we regularly make national press and tv news stories, government bodies like Defra and lobbying groups often try to shut us down, but we continue undeterred.
If you would like to support us, please consider buying us a cup of coffee, thank you.