Over 600 Mendip Farmers Hunt supporters revealed.

Jacob Rees Mogg, Helena Rees Mogg and Tom Rees Mogg, all supporters of Mendip Farmers

The Mendip Farmers Fox Hunt and their followers are well known to be one of the most violent hunts in the West Country, they have assaulted hunt sabs and monitors on numerous occassions over the years.

Well what goes around comes around, a member of Mendip Farmers Hunt made the foolish mistake of losing a device that contained a spreadsheet with all the supporters listed: “Mendip Farmers Followers”

It’s accuracy is only known to the people on that list and if anyone thinks they shouldn’t be on the list, then they should contact the Mendip Farmers in the first instance and demand an explanation as to why they were on their followers database.

As you would expect there are all sorts of titled people. Jacob Rees Mogg MP being the most famous, Sir David Wills and his wife Lady Paula Wills, Lord Waldegreave who is the chairman of the school governors of Eton.

We hope that fox hunters see some sense and make a New Years resolution to give up the filthy habit of fox hunting.

We will be working hard to ensure that 2021 is as painful for the entire hunting community as 2020 has been.

Happy New Year