The Script Pixies, thriving inside NFU cull website.

On Friday, we revealed that the NFU website (where All the data on where badgers are killed, And who has done the killing) is currently heavily under attack by anti-cull hackers.

So what have the NFU done to try and calm the shooters?

They’ve sent a feeble message telling everyone that “Foreign IP addresses are blocked”, and that multiple attempts to access different accounts using the same IP address will be locked out for an hour. Users are told if they are locked out, to try again an hour later and they can always click “forgotten password”.

We know they sent that out, because we’ve seen it.

We have also been passed on this screenshot of crime reports from within one of the Cheshire zones (GI which they refer to as Leo). Dated just yesterday, the 20th of September.

Crime report, most recent report Sunday 20th September

When the hackers said they still had access, they clearly were not lying. Everyone involved in killing badgers should realise that the NFU doesn’t have their best interests at heart, and we can prove it.

Below is a map. On that map there are currently just 20 shooters (a random selection of the many, many hundreds we now have). Every day that the website is up, another 20 will go on the map. So, if you are involved in killing badgers, you may want to consider contacting the NFU and asking them to pull the site.

And as Fieldsport news recently reported on another leak:
We suggest “anyone whose data has been leaked to contact the Information Commissioner’s Office and take it from there.”
Maybe Charlie Jacoby who has now been outed can take the lead? Individuals who have their details leaked can sue the source (in this case the NFU) and are entitled to thousands.

This is due to the fact that it’s down to the NFU to secure people’s personal data. British Airways know all about that from when they had clients details published in 2018 after a hack, thousands are now suing:
SPG Law’s website indicates that each claimant could expect up to 2,000 pounds in compensation, on average.

So the NFU now has to decide, at what point they are going to pull the plug on their culling website? Leave it up and watch us expose 20 new people every day, or pull the plug and throw the badger cull into chaos.

If you are having problems with the map, please download the .csv file

Please do contact all 20 of these people. If you want to stay totally safe, keep all correspondence polite. If you want to withold your number dial 141 first, but be aware that the police will be able to track you and may well contact you if you make threats. Keep it polite, a simple “Can you explain why you are killing badgers?” is perfectly within the law.

The page that will have all the follow on maps is here. Please have a read and remember to come back, lots more to follow.