UKIP leader of Devon caught breaking the law.

Badger cull saboteurs were quick to act when they spotted a badger killer out at night all by himself, this breaches the badger cull guidelines on a number of points, making any attempts to kill badgers totally unlawful.

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Of course the police were quick to act and set out to question and harass sabs over the days following this incident, with two activists questioned under caution.

Strange the police haven’t arrested and charged Mr.Robin “dingbat” Julian, because not only was he out alone making any kill unlawful, and potentially lethal for anyone nearby, his rifle was left unattended and in the open on a quad bike. Having nowhere on the quad bike to secure the rifle he ended up driving off with it across his lap. A clear breach of multiple points of the home office firearms security guidelines.

The cull companies themselves direct shooters to pack up and leave any site as soon as protestors arrive. So why Mr.Julian decided to instead leave his rifle unattended and start having a go at people in a vehicle is a further mystery.

This video proves beyond doubt that Mr. Julian  has been caught red handed breaking the law. He has been spotted since this video was filmed, out again, at night by himself on his quad and been forced into packing up and going back to his farm by cull sabs.

Perhaps the fact that he’s a freemason has something to do with the police not being interested?


He’s certainly no stranger to controversy, just last year he claimed to have driven over 600 miles a week on average to claim a whopping £9,000 in travel expenses.


Please email Devon & Cornwall police ( and ask them to:

  1. prosecute him under the badger act
  2. immediately cancel his firearms licence
  3. never allow him to be licensed for any future badger cull

If you would like to contact Mr.Julian directly, please keep all calls & emails polite:

Mr. Robin Julian
Higher Wembsworthy Farm
Hartland, Bideford
Devon, EX39 6EN

Phone:  01237 441052     Mobile:  07801 956227


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