A % of culled badgers to be tested for bTB this year.

On a bbc devon┬áradio call in show yesterday, a lady called “Linda” phoned in, she was very sure that culled badgers were going to be tested for bTB this year. The presenter wanted to find out if this was correct and a researcher checked up with the NFU, who confirmed that a % of badgers will indeed be tested for bTB this year.

Why have the government and the NFU agreed to having badgers tested for bTB? because it will give them valuable PR. When the results are announced wether it’s 10% or 50% they will then extrapolate and come up with a simple sound bite that goes something like:

“This data finally proves beyond doubt that the british badger population is indeed┬áheavily infected with bovine TB and culling is the only sensible answer”

What they will not say, is that an infected badger has a less than 30% chance of being infectious, nor will they go on to say that by culling badgers the infected and infectious badgers will be forced into new territories as they flee their setts that are being targeted.

The people in the anti badger cull community who have been calling for the testing of badgers for some years, have just handed an easy media victory to the NFU.

The only positive to come from this is that it will increase the cost of the culls and it’s unlikely that a number of badgers from the same area were tested before the cull, without a comparison it makes the testing a nonsense PR exercise.