Boycott the Atherstone hunt.

Do you want your pet dog or cat looked after by the Atherstone Hunt?

Davret Boarding Kennels & Cattery is run by Atherstone Hunt joint master James Sharland and his dad David Sharland who is also involved in the hunt.

The Atherstone Hunt are constantly losing control of their hounds, they’ve been documented running all over busy main roads, chasing and killing foxes and rampaging through people’s back gardens that could easily have had pets in them ( Last season they even chased a dog walkers dog through Battram woods in Ibstock ( These very same people are running a boarding kennels and cattery to look after people’s pets.

Do you want your pet cat or dog looked after by the notorious Atherstone Hunt, well known for its concern for animal welfare?

If you do the details are below.
Davret Boarding Kennels & Cattery
8 Station Rd, Elmesthorpe, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE9 7SG
Tel: 01455 842673