Cadbury’s sponsor badger killing


Dairy farms in North Wiltshire today were found to have signs of prebaiting, they also had Cadbury’s suppliers signs up.

If you’d like to contact Manor Farm directly:
J.D Spencer & Sons. Manor Farm, Langley Burrell, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN15 4LL. Telephone: 01249 653261.

This won’t be the first time this farm has been in the spotlight, only a few years ago they were found guilty of polluting water.

People are currently out across the country looking for and finding peanuts that are being used to “prebait” badgers, the intention of farmers is to then entice badgers to locations where they can shoot them with rifles, or trap them in cages and blast them with shotguns.

Why are Cadbury’s happy to have suppliers that are killing badgers in a way branded inhumane by the British Veterinary Society? We hop all their customers will ask them, please do contact them as a matter of urgency on social media, email, telephone and ask them to stop purchasing milk from farms that kill badgers:

twitter:  @CadburyUk
email Cadbury uk president Mary Barnard:
free phone cadbury: 0800 818 181

If we haven’t heard that Cadbury are dropping badger killing farms by 5pm Friday 8th September, we shall start work on getting stickers (for putting on choc bars), leaflets and posters ready for a full on boycott campaign.

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