Riverford Organic selling milk tainted with the blood of badgers

“Stop the Cull” heard recently about badger culling taking place on Riverford Organic Dairy Farm. So we went to the press and it’s been published in todays Times on page 3:
you can read the full story here:

Riverford veg boxes are clearly trying their best to distance themselves from Riverford Dairy.
“We have taken the decision not to implement the badger cull on land that we control ourselves as Riverford Organic Farmers, but we will not be putting pressure on any of our suppliers, or other parts of my family and their businesses to not participate or to participate in the cull.”
Guy Watson
Founder, Riverford Organic

Meanwhile Oliver Watson on his Riverford Dairy website is saying:
“Today, Riverford is a collection of three connected businesses – Riverford Organic Dairy, Riverford Organic and Riverford Farm Shops. Each business operates on the Riverford land and all the Watson children are actively involved. Oliver Watson runs the Farm and Dairy, Louise is on the Farm, Ben runs the Farm Shops, www.riverfordfarmshop.co.uk Guy and Rachel run Riverford Organic and it’s nationwide veg box scheme”


The three companies are connected and for the Riverford veg box scheme to say that they are a seperate entity is just flat out lies. Riverford Dairy as you can see from the above statement certainly don’t view themselves as seperate. Riverford Organic Veg even refer on their own website to the dairy farm as “Our Organic Dairy”

Whilst we are pleased that Riverford Organic Veg are not killing badgers on their arable land, the dairy farm adjoins the land, so badgers from across the Riverford veg and dairy farms can and will be getting targetted.

Riverford Organic in 2012 said:

It just isn’t possible to call yourself an ethical company and in the same breathe say you have no control over what your suppliers do. You can apply it to killing badgers or using child labour, if you don’t care what your suppliers do, then you cannot call yourself ethical.

Please contact Riverford as soon as possible, if you are a customer or were considering to be a customer, it’s very important they understand your views. You can find their contact details at the bottom of their webpage here: https://www.riverford.co.uk/

We want as many Riverford customers as possible to know about the companies involvement in killing badgers, to do that, we are going to promote a post on facebook that goes directly into their customers time lines. This does cost money and the more money we spend on it the more customers will see it. You can donate to help boost that post here: