**UPDATE, we now have several informers giving us titbits of info about Paul, the most recent which checks out is that his father is quite a nasty piece of work, we’ve been digging and will reveal more shortly**



Paul Candy thought like many other badger cull company directors that he could remain hidden and kill badgers without anyone knowing he was involved. He formed a cull company last year and intends to kill thousands of badgers over the next few years.

The farm has footpaths going straight through it. We aren’t sure why, but just last night Paul was seen sat in his tractor in the yard, lights and engine off. Maybe it’s where he goes when he has a lot on his mind.

Pyle Farm
BA11 5DL
01373 836249
01373 836147
01373 753018
personal FB:


We have been researching his business extensively and found out some interesting details, he is currently hundreds of thousands of pounds in debt due to another business that he set up this year:

“The funding has enabled the couple to build a small gelato factory on-site and purchase the equipment needed to manufacture the new product. This includes a 120-litre pasteuriser, walk-in freezer and small trailer to promote the business at local markets.”

It’s called Palette & Pasture and has facebook pages and a twitter account (see above).

Paul has been getting extremely nervous in the last week, we know this due to the fact that events he’s been posting on his business facebook page have been removed after Stop the Cull has shared them.

Paul now has the dilemma of having to choose whether to continue killing badgers and face financial ruin due to his Gelato business being constantly highlighted as a badger killing affair for the next 4+ years.

Our position should be absolutely clear, as long as he’s killing badgers, we will turn up at every single public event that he holds and be informing members of public of his involvement with the badger cull.

This is our legal right and we see it as our duty to the badgers.

Please do contact him with your opinions, wether thats twitter, facebook or polite phone calls, it’s perfectly lawful and your actions may well see a badger cull company collapse just as culling begins. Also please do copy the link to this page and post it up on your fb pages.

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