Badger Cull peanut supplier, 1 tonne at a time.

Tucked away in the quaint little village of Colerne is a Mr. Moorhen, he sells peanuts to badger cull farmers by the tonne (1000kg).

The badger culls could fail with enough disruption in any part of the supply chain, whether thats cages or peanuts or the bullets.

Mr. Moorhen, 3 Martins Croft, Colerne, Chippenham Wiltshire SN14 8DS.
Tel: 01225 745703.
Mobile: 07795 373433
Twitter: @DairyConsultant

We paid him a visit, to check out what sort of house you can buy with the blood of thousands of dead badgers. Only a small garden, which seemed strange considering the house is worth over £400k.

Perhaps no one should be surprised that finding his address was simplicity itself, a quick check of the Old Mill client list and there he is.