Berkshire Badger Cull Organiser Exposed.

Meet Jono Cooper. Jono is a Vet and son of a dairy and beef farmer based at Manor Farm, Chaddleworth, Newbury.

Jono is organising a badger cull in Berkshire. And we know that if Berkshire is chosen to have a licence this year, Manor Farm will definitely be culling. 

Jono thinks he “has a passion for improving animal health and business productivity through well managed animal husbandry.” 

Unsurprisingly, he goes on to say that he “aims to work with clients to maximise profit and output”.  Profits before evidenced based research.

For someone who claims to be a Vet he doesn’t seem to care about animals very much. In fact his practice focuses on game birds and cows and his customers are as scummy as they come.

Hit this vet where it will hurt – in his pocket. Please spread the word about NorCal Vets and Jono and make sure everyone knows they will be killing badgers if they get the chance.

01844 260616

01235 429767

Jono Mobile – 07711 923 909

Manor Farm Dairy – 01488 638215

Please don’t go on google and search “request callback” and sign Jono and his vets & dairy farm up for PPI, mortgage advice, injury claims etc.

That would be extremely annoying for the poor chap!