How to smash the badger cull.

Firstly if you are looking for your nearest group, check in with Badger Action Network and let them know where you are in the country.

This map is a list of all the badger cull directors, they are usually inside a cull zone, but sometimes are just outside. If you can organise demonstrations or surprise home demo’s please do so, the more pressure they face the better. Earlier this year after less than a year Paul Candy threw in the towel and stood down, these “things” can be broken.

Polite phone calls are entirely lawful and searching on google for “request callback” along with mortgage, injury claim, ppi etc and entering their details will all result in many many calls for the badger killers.

If you are doing research and want to find the most likely places where badgers are being killed, then looking on the governments map of bTB breakdowns will usually get good results. When in the fields look for quad bike tracks or vehicle tracks as cages are too heavy to carry far by hand. Inside maize fields is a common place as are hedgerows and small woods.

From the pull down menu in the top right corner of the page on choose “all types” then make sure you click “update map” which is a large blue button just underneath.

Not all dairy farms will be signed up to a badger cull within cull zones, but many are, below is a map with alll registered dairy farms in the country, dated from 1st of Jan 2019, if you find any cattle that are in poor condition then please photograph it and report to the nearest trading standards and also send in to Project Calf on facebook.

If you find a cage, turn it on it’s side and open the door so that the door stays open, then jump on it, holding on to a tree or fence can help you keep your balance, when you have dented the opening a bit, you can then turn it again, the main trick is to make sure the cage door can’t flop back down whilst you jump on it. Check out this video.

Last year a list of all the clients from a firm of accountants called Old Mill was accidentally published, many of their clients have absolutely nothing to do with the badger cull, but we also found that many people who are involved in killing badgers use them, in fact when a new cull company director popped up last week who was replacing Paul Candy, a Mr. David Turner, surprise surprise, he is a client of Old Mill, we suggest using this map to cross reference, if they are on this map AND say the ibtb map AND inside a cull zone then it is highly likely they are involved in the cull.

Of course it isn’t just cattle farmers that hate badgers, the game shooting industry hates them as well, as they predate pheasants, if you are in a cull zone it’s worth checking any game farms, a map of a large number of game farms is below, a number of them have been targetted this year having their birds released which in turn means shoots have no birds to kill.

The next map is locations of shoots registered with the British Game Alliance, they boast of high welfare standards, but birds are frequently kept in conditions that don’t meet the minimum welfare standards. If you are interested in disrupting any shoot have a read of this pdf.

Of course we shouldn’t forget the people who instigated the badger culls, the tory mp’s, this map was created over a year ago and many of the mp’s now hold different positions in government or may have even been kicked out, never the less they all voted for the badger cull and only the MP’s in top positions have much in the way of round the clock security. They are behind the killing of thousands of badgers and only we can bring them to justice. Write them a letter, ring them up, stand outside their houses, let them know what you think.

We will be here until the cull’s end, wether that’s next week or in ten years time. We will never forget the badgers or the people who murder them.

If you’d like to support us financially please consider buying us a cup of coffee for £3, we are an entirely voluntary organisation.