Quakers in the Heart of Darkness.

There is one common denominator between all the badgers that are killed during the cull.

The one thing that ties the death of all the culled badgers together is peanuts.

Peanuts are used to entice badgers into cages, where they are trapped and then shot at point blank range the following morning with shotguns.

Peanuts are also used on bait points, where badger families gather to eat them, whilst shooters hide and blast away at them with high powered rifles, this method of “free shooting” has been widely condemned by the British Veterinary Association, who are a pro cull organisation.

Peanuts are used to pre bait areas for free shooting to draw badgers to a particular place, they are used in traps to lure the badgers in, when the badgers move a rock to get at the peanuts the cage closes, they are trapped until they are shot.

The pictures above were taken just before the “Covert Film Unit” put in hidden cameras at a badger cull farmers meeting in early August this year. As you can see from the email address, these tons of peanuts came from “Berry Ingredients“.

This screen shot from their website shows their associated companies Marriages flour

and www.marriages.co.uk their feed company, which just happens to sell 20kg & 25kg sacks of peanuts

They also sell feed for the game shooting industry.

The directors of these companies are all part of the “Marriage” Quaker family based in Chelmsford in Essex:
“Seven Marriages are now involved – his dad, uncle and cousins. At the heart of the business are the family’s Quaker roots, influencing and shaping their decisions and how they interact with each other, the people they deal with, and the community. At the heart of the Quaker movement is a strong adherence to the principles of honesty, equality, community, simplicity, and peace.”

Simon Marriage is a director for the notoriously blood thirsty  Essex with Farmers Union Fox Hunt AND the family’s Grain and Milling company that has a turnover of £51million.

We’d like to ask you to do two things, firstly go onto their facebook pages, comment on a few posts telling them you will never buy their products whilst they supply peanuts to badger cull companies.
https://www.facebook.com/MarriagesFlour Flour business
https://www.facebook.com/marriagesfeed  Petfood and Animal feed business.

Secondly, please go on to their flour selling website here, check to look for your nearest Marriages stockist, then contact the shops and politely ask them to stop stocking Marriages whilst the firm is engaged in supplying the badger cull, please remember these shops will almost certainly not know about the flour they sell comes from badger cull supply companies, so being polite is probably the best way as many of the shops are small health food shops who quite probably will be on the side of the badgers.

Email or letter example:
I understand that you will not have known about the flour company Marriages involvement in supplying the badger culls with many tons of peanuts.
You may not know, but even the “pro cull” British Vetinary Association are outspokenly against the  killing of badgers using the free shooting method, where badger families are lured to peanut bait points and 20% of those shot take up to 5 minutes to die.
The badger cull is, unlike many things in life, entirely polarised, you are either in favour of it or against it. We would politely ask you to join the vast majority of the general public and have nothing to do with supporting the badger cull financially.
If you do not stock Marriages flour please let the campaign group “Stop the Cull” know so that their own listings can be updated and they will remove you. You should also contact Marriages directly as they have listed you as a supplier.
If you did stock Marriages flour but since finding out about their involvement with the painful death of tens of thousands of badgers decided to no longer stock, please also contact STC so they can either remove you from their listings of who stocks and who doesn’t.
Any shop that sends Facebook.com/stop.the.cull a message saying they have dropped the company will get a shout out on the page which has over 100,000 likes.

 Contact email address is stopthebadgercull@gmail.com

Please also contact the health food shop wholesalers who all sell Marriages flour, please note that Infinity and Essential have now stopped supplying and it’s just Suma left:

Website: www.suma.coop
E-mail: info@suma.coop

We expect that Marriages will quickly remove their online map of suppliers, we have already taken all the data from the map and will upload our own when they pull theirs.

We know from previous years that many badger cull companies buy more peanuts whilst the cull is running. This year we want to try and strangle off that supply route; please help us achieve that- a few emails and comments on facebook really could make all the difference if enough of us do it.

The post on facebook will get boosted. If you’d like to help more people find out about the Marriages despicable profit from the badger slaughter, a £3 donation will mean hundreds possibly thousands more people see the post.
Buy Stop the Cull a coffee.