Badger Cull suppliers claim tons of peanuts are for the birds!

Marriage’s the flour company were recently exposed for their supply of peanuts to badger cull companies, you can read about that here. Please do check that link to find out how you can help.

So today, Marriage’s after being battered on facebook with negative comments decided to pull their reviews section after it plummeted from 4.7 to below 2. They then came out with a statement in the comments of one of their posts:

So they didn’t actually deny selling tons of peanuts to badger cull companies, but they did try to slip out of it by saying they only market their peanuts for birds.

Strange then that in early August a badger cull farmers meeting in Devon which had hidden cameras put in by the “Covert Film Unit” caught many many bags of peanuts being loaded into trucks, those very same peanuts were supplied by the Marriage family business.

We ask everyone to please contact their nearest Marriage’s supplier and ask them to drop the products AND to ask their wholesaler to also drop them. You can find your nearest supplier on our map, the data we took for the map was from their website, they removed it, but we’d already saved it:

Suma, Infinity and Essential wholefood wholesalers have now all dropped marriages flour.

please contact East of England Co-op and ask them to remove Marriages from their shops:
several Email addresses at the bottom of this page: