URGENT; Phone Blockade the killers central number

We have been passed on the central number of the badger cull killers hotline by someone who says they have managed to steal, clone (download all the phones data) and return unnoticed a badger shooters mobile phone.

They gave us a single number to ring, we rang it to authenticate and got the above phone message. We then were suspicious that the phone number may be for a specific region of the country so we tried numbers numerically next to the number given, we now have 16 telephone numbers for the badger cull killers HQ “TB OPS” but ONLY TWO OPERATORS,
dial the number then choose option 2:
02476 939 390
02476 939 391
02476 939 392
02476 939 393 no answer, but did ring
02476 939 394  Derek answered
02476 939 395  Lucy answered
02476 939 396  Lucy answered asking if it was “Mervyn” suggests Devon cull director.
02476 939 397  Derek answered
02476 939 398  Derek answered
02476 939 399
02476 939 400
02476 939 401
02476 939 402
02476 939 403
02476 939 404
02476 939 405

if you call and use 141 before the number then you will still get through, but it may be that they will get wise to blocked calls, so please consider popping to any supermarket now and getting a sim that is the same as your network and popping it into your phone for making these calls, you will also need to go to the checkout and buy a top up voucher for that sim.

You should ring any of the above numbers and then choose option 2, this will put you through to an operator, there can only be a limited number of operators we think just 2 but maybe more as the night begins.

You do not need a contractor number, all you need to do is ring up and start either talking quickly or quietly or normally! just pretend to be involved in the badger cull, either a shooter or a buddy who goes out with a shooter, or a concerned girlfriend/wife, maybe you lost your dog?? anything goes, just keep them on the line FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE.

We cannot stress how important it is to get the call centre blocked tonight and through the weekend (especially evenings 8pm-2am), if cullers can’t get through then they have no back up, if they have no back up then they shouldn’t be going out at all.

Your small effort could help save many hundreds of lives.

If you are nervous aobut calling, some people find having a stiff drink before making calls can help.

Contractor numbers are in a specific format they start with the letter C followed by 5 numbers.
The first 2 numbers relate to the area so are unlikely to be higher than 43, the following three numbers are likely to be below 300 for smaller size cull zones but could be higher in areas that are particularly large. You don’t need that number, but if you want to have a go at guessing it’s worth a go. It may also be worth pretending to be a cull director, or ringing a cull director and pretending to be from “TB OPS”;
“Hi it’s Derek (or Lucy) from TB ops, you need to cancel all the culling tonight due to a phone blockade, ring me back please”

If you want to get creative, then please consider going onto website and entering any of these landline numbers into sites that you can find by searching “request callback” along with things like “injury claim” “financial advice” “pest control” etc etc

Another tactic is to set up a gumtree account, then advertise something that is desirable, like a large expensive second hand telly for free, cheap apple laptops etc, simply have a quick browse, then search ebay for some pictures to use for your gum tree advert and then use one of the landline numbers above for people to ring.