NFU call centre destroyed, what’s next?

Yesterday via one of our unknown tech teams (they send stuff in, we don’t know who they are) we recieved intel on the call centre inside the NFU HQ that deals with all the badger cull shooters in the country, every night the shooters log in and ring up if they have any problems.
We asked everyone on both of the “Stop the Cull” facebook pages to ring in and try and block the phonelines, that started at 6:33pm, by 10:10pm all 16 of the phone lines were dead! not engaged, but totally disconnected, we have a theory as to why that happened, which we will explain hopefully tomorrow.

So where does that leave us and where does it leave the hunters?
Well as the old saying goes:
‘In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity’

So the phone blagging went into overdrive, pretending to be from the NFU offices and explaining the outage to shooters and cull directors we gleaned quite a large amount of useful information. What we found out was that the NFU now only speak to local organisers and all the shooters have to ring in to the local them now instead of the central HQ, the tracking devices that all the cull team operatives carry are also suffering with battery life issues and may well get withdrawn.

So how is that useful for us? well the cull directors are frequently the local organisers that the cull teams will be ringing in, so the more we can tie down cull directors phone lines the better ESPECIALLY at weekend evenings, cull teams will be out from 7:15pm (ish) until usually 2am but sometimes as late as 4am. If shooters can’t contact the cull directors to get clearance for the area they are working in, they may well not go out.

Yesterdays change in the system as to how the cull operates is a huge blow to local organisers, we need now more than ever to turn up the pressure with regards to calls to the cull directors, get creative, ring other firms up that abuse animals and pretend to be a cull director and leave their number, ring other cull directors up pretending to be a cull directors, play music down the phone, pretend to be a shooter who is having trouble with protestors etc etc etc

You can find their phone numbers on this map, you can now from the comfort of your own home provide vital back up to the people on the ground out there in the dark tonight and for the next few weeks, it’s worth buying a very cheap PAYG mobile and putting all the cull directors phone numbers in as contacts, then you can fill their lines at your leisure.

Below are a number of calls made by one person, they were done to sow confusion and paranoia, find out information and basically waste time:

This call to Mr. Alford got through to his wife, who was only too happy to provide her husbands mobile phone.

Mrs. Reed is pretending that her husband doesn’t take calls, but is very keen for people to leave a message.

Mrs. Brown finds her husbands photo being up on the internet very funny, she also very wisely points out that you don’t know who you are talking to on the phone..