Test the Marriage Vows.

^the first sticker design sent into STC this morning.

17th of September
Marriage’s flour company is exposed as selling peanuts by the ton to a badger cull company, the calls for a boycott begin.

18th of September:
“Thank you for all your comments,
Berry Ingredients (a subsidiary of W&H Marriage & Sons Ltd) is a major importer and trader of peanuts, selling them to retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers across the UK and aboard. It only markets products for the feeding of wild birds, which is clearly stated on labels and packaging.
Kind regards,
The Marriage’s team”

Then Infinity, Essential and Suma wholesalers all start to ask Marriage’s as well, they are also given the above statement, none of them are happy with the obvious cut and paste answer, complete with “aboard” spelling mistake.

Marriage’s after losing all three wholesalers then issues another statement:

19th of September:
“Following recent online activity associating W & H Marriage & Sons Ltd with the Government’s badger control, the company has now completed an investigation.

Berry Ingredients (a subsidiary of W & H Marriage & Sons Ltd) only markets peanuts for the feeding of wild birds, which is clearly stated on labels and packaging.

We confirm that, if there is a concern that the peanuts a customer purchases could be used for badger control, the sale will be refused.”

As the calls for a boycott now roll out to other shops and wholesalers, we have to ask Marriage’s if they want to be taken seriously can they answer these three simple questions:

1: How many times have you refused a sale of peanuts because you think they are going to be used for the badger cull?

2: Why did you sell the peanuts to Mr.Brown when it was obvious they were not a business involved in feeding wild birds?

3: How are you going to differentiate between genuine customers and badger cull companies?

We would suggest that any company that is not listed in companies house that doesn’t have the appropriate SIC code should be considered suspicious especially if they are only ordering peanuts between July and October, and on that point, how many tons of peanuts were you selling in the third quarter of each year in 2013 and how many tons did you sell in 2019?

We are happy to fund raise and pay for an independent accountant to analyse your accounts to verify that you are indeed only involved in selling peanuts to wild bird food companies.

To any wholesaler reading this who is considering stocking or restocking Marriage’s flour. We would point out, the Marriage’s are run by the master of the Essex farmers union fox hunt (a position their father who also ran marriages held) they also stock and sell feed for the game shooting industry. How ethical is that?

We are more than happy to broadcast your decision either way across social media for as long as the badger cull’s continue.

Please as a matter of urgency, contact:
Website: www.suma.coop
E-mail: info@suma.coop

Website: www.infinityfoods.co.uk
E-mail: info@infinity.coop

Website: www.essential-trading.coop
E-mail: sales@essential-trading.coop

Please thank them for suspending purchases with Marriage’s and ask them to insist that Marriages explain exactly how they ended up selling peanuts to a badger cull company IF they are telling the truth and say that they wouldn’t if they knew. How will such a mistake, if it is a mistake be stopped from happening again?