Badger cull leaks, reveal killers and new zones.

We have received several documents and chunks of data in the last few days, most significantly the new areas and when they start:

So the culling of vaccinated badgers will begin in Derbyshire in the coming weeks, in total 64,657 are being targeted to be killed across the country.

We have also been given a comprehensive list of badger cull killing contractors, they kill badgers often for as little £10 each and frequently spend multiple nights out without killing any, truly the dregs of society.

If you want to help badgers during this cull, one thing you can do that will definitely help is to buy a cheap phone, then fill the contacts with numbers from this map. If they are answering calls, they can’t shoot badgers, they work very late into the night, so don’t worry about waking them up.

The NFU have been working hard to remove the map, by complaining to google they managed to get gmaps to repeatedly unpublish the maps, sometimes in hours. To rectify that we have uploaded the map data to our own server. So hopefully our maps on this website will never disappear again.

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If you would like to get involved in helping to protect badgers, please contact Badger Action Network, they will hook you up with your nearest group.