Tory MP’s get our website pulled.

The tory government are so upset with us, that they have got their friends in the police (not sure how they have any friends in the police given the cuts to the service over the last 10 years) to pull the website, so we now have a new website url:

The reason given for the website getting pulled was that a list of pro cull and hunting tory mps was against the terms of service. So it is no longer being hosted by us. However it is still on the wayback machine and if it gets pulled from there, no doubt it will pop up somewhere else.

It is important to note that this list is a couple of years out of date, although many of the details will be correct, it may make sense to politely knock on the door and check they still live at the address before organising any demonstrations.

We would also advice that you “save” the list as it may well get pulled at any moment.

The tories said at the beginning of the year that they would “phase out” the badger cull, yet they have now licenced 11 new zones. But what else would you expect from the tories?