Prof. Dawkin’s ancesteral home signed up for badger cull.

Richard Dawkins shares anti cull petition on Twitter

Prof. Richard Dawkins spoke out against the badger cull back in 2013, so it came as some surpise to find that it has a badger killer “Mike Kettlewell” running the estate.

Over Norton Park, purchased in 1726 with money made by the slave trader William Dawkins (according to the Daily Mail) is currently run by Mr. Kettlewell and his wife Sarah Kettlewell. Sarah is Richard Dawkins’ sister and you can see on companies house records that both siblings are directors of the farm.

Mike’s involvement in the badger cull was discovered when his email: came up from a data scrape hack of the NFU’s central database. The email came up as a verified user, meaning that Mike has logged into the CMS website and verified his email address by creating a password as a site user.

We suspect that Mike doesn’t have permission from directors including Richard Dawkins to kill badgers, but may well be getting pressured by his neighbours who have clearly gone down with bTB according to the website:

All breakdowns, from all available years near Over Norton

It’s sadly something that is seen across all cull zones, farmers who have no interest in being involved in the badger cull being bullied into it by neighbours, cull directors and local parish organisers. We do not know if Mike Kettlewell has been pressured or if he has gone along with it willingly, but he certainly has logged into the NFU’s badger killing website.

Please email Mike Kettlewell at:
tel: 01608 644693
mobile: 07850 002245
and politely ask him to make a public stand against the badger cull.

Richard Dawkin can be found on twitter at