Police leak reveals bias.

You can read the entire document here. It’s an interesting read and we hope to have much more coming from this particular source next week.

After recently releasing the start dates and locations of this years culls, we had staff from fieldsport news asking us which gov department our leak came from. We never have and never will reveal any information without the source being happy for us to publish, so we didn’t tell fieldsport news which department our mole is, nor would we tell anyone!

Many people also have the mistaken idea that we only have one or two sources of information the reality is that we have multiple sources, some of those give us info willingly other sources we glean the information from a variety of surveillance techniques.

This particular leak is obviously from within the police force, but how we came about it is our business! the source will ALWAYS be protected.

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With a huge leak of hundreds of shooters home addresses, mobile numbers and email addresses, we now need your help.

What we need to know is ANYTHING! their facebook, twitter, instagram, work details, where they went to school, their birthdays, criminal records, dirty secrets, whatever you know about them or can find out let us know:
If you don’t think you can help, think again! searches of email addresses and names all take time, it’s something you can do from home.
Here is the recent leak of shooters (google repeatedly removed the map after multiple legal requests, so the maps are now hosted safely on our own server)

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This map below is for directors of badger cull zones across the country:

The map ID you have entered does not exist. Please enter a map ID that exists.

If you are looking for farms in your local area that are within a badger culling area, this 2019 map of dairy farms is a good place to start, not all dairy farms within cull zones are signed up, but we would estimate over 90% are.

We are a small team of volunteers who aren’t paid, we regularly make national press and tv news stories, government bodies like Defra and lobbying groups often try to shut us down, but we continue undeterred.
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Badger cull leaks, reveal killers and new zones.

We have received several documents and chunks of data in the last few days, most significantly the new areas and when they start:

So the culling of vaccinated badgers will begin in Derbyshire in the coming weeks, in total 64,657 are being targeted to be killed across the country.

We have also been given a comprehensive list of badger cull killing contractors, they kill badgers often for as little £10 each and frequently spend multiple nights out without killing any, truly the dregs of society.

If you want to help badgers during this cull, one thing you can do that will definitely help is to buy a cheap phone, then fill the contacts with numbers from this map. If they are answering calls, they can’t shoot badgers, they work very late into the night, so don’t worry about waking them up.

The NFU have been working hard to remove the map, by complaining to google they managed to get gmaps to repeatedly unpublish the maps, sometimes in hours. To rectify that we have uploaded the map data to our own server. So hopefully our maps on this website will never disappear again.

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The map ID you have entered does not exist. Please enter a map ID that exists.

If you would like to get involved in helping to protect badgers, please contact Badger Action Network, they will hook you up with your nearest group.

Badger cull monitors, killing parrots.

In the last few weeks we have recieved confirmation that the people responsible for enforcing the rules and regulations with regards to the handling of dead badgers during the cull is the Animal Plant Health Agency (APHA).

We already knew a few people involved with APHA were monitoring the actual killing of badgers, most notably Ray Ridley who has been under close surveillance many times over the years, leading cull saboteurs straight to farms involved in killing.

Ray pictured above has done quite a lot of killing over the years, he frequently flies all over the world to kill whatever is seen as an “invasive species” you can read about his exploits killing yellow legged gulls in Gibralter here. Or his training of locals to kill feral livestock in Montseratt, a guide which he wrote himself and for some reason included photographs or dead people. The manual can be downloaded here.

We have dug through classified files leaked from Natural England and found that Ray Ridley’s little gang within APHA are called the “National Wildlife Management Team”, they not only travel the world killing animals, they also cull here in the UK, they currently have at least two licences.
One to kill the ruddy duck, the other to kill Monk Parakeets (AKA Quaker parrots)

Although Ray is clearly the top gun in the team, his boss is none other than a Dave Parrott his email was included in the application: dave.parrott@apha.gsi.gov.uk

Dave with another one of the parrot killers Julia Coates Julia.coats@apha.gsi.gov.uk
trapping beavers, which risked killing them.

This is the rest of the team who are on the application to kill the monk parakeets

Sarah Beatham, her facebook friends list was open, very handy for finding the rest of the crew.
Sara Macias Rodriguez.
This is Rebecca Jones facebook profile, her likes on facebook include vegan animal rights group “Evolve” and astonishgly bird groups including “rare bird alert” & “birders against wildlife crime”
Julie Dendy, from her facebook page. She runs Drey Consulting and can be found on linkedin.

Why do they kill monk parakeets? the explanation in the application is that
“they can cause severe local
damage to crops and their communal nests are often
built on utility structures (e.g. pylons and
substations where they can cause power outages. In
the USA the cost of nest removal alone to reduce the
risk of power outages was estimated to be $1.3m to
$4.7m over a 5 year period.”

This explanation is nonsense, we have an entirely different power supply and network to the USA and none of the monk parakeets we have in England have ever nested in pylons. We can see from other applications to kill these parakeets, the only reason they are considered a pest is because they bother farmers. A Mr. Kenneth Slaney in a seperate application to kill monk parakeets at Reeds Hill Farm, Benfleet, Essex, SS7 1PJ wrote that he wanted to shoot them because:
“Protection of cattle feed from contamination. Contamination of livestock living areas.”

We found that the licence didn’t only ask Natural England for permission to shoot these birds, but they also wanted to use “spring operated traps” and “Nest box traps” more on those traps in the application stated:
“During February and mid-March
2017, initial work on the development of a nest trap
will involve preparatory work in which components of
a trap (e.g. circular metal frame around the nest
hole entrance) will be attached to the nest, to
observe the parakeets response and willingness to
still enter the nest.”

The birds have had people out defending them, numerous newspaper articles have covered the killing, The Daily Mail pointed out that each bird was costing over £1,000 to kill, Back in 2011 the police even waded in and wrongly stated that it was illegal to photograph the APHA kill team. Astonishgly, it’s still entirely legal to import, rear and sell these birds, which doesn’t make any sense if the government are actually interested in stopping these birds from taking down our power stations, or whatever ridiculous reasons they have come up with.

We will continue to expose the people involved in the badger cull, something all these people should have been told when they went to work for the APHA. We have been threatened on numerous occassions by a number of different government departments to stop publishing the details of the people involved, we have completely ignored all those legal threats and will continue to ignore them.
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REVEALED: English Wild Peregrine Falcons to be captured and bred for Middle East markets.

In the last couple of weeks the revelation that Natural England has licenced three Scottish falconers to take Peregrine Falcons from the wild to be bred from has hit the news.
We have dug a bit deeper than the papers and can exclusively reveal the people involved and some of their history. Scroll to the bottom of the page for all their contact details.

We have extensive access into Natural England’s confidential databases, so that’s where our search began. One name kept coming up, Gary Wall. Not only did he apply to take wild Peregrines, but three other people who also applied named him in their applications. We will come back to them later on.

Gary Wall

Gary was kind enough to reveal himself on facebook as the person who had recieved the licence, he then took the unusual step of explaining himself in the comments on Mark Avery’s blog post:

Given that Gary has a history of breeding falcons for the middle eastern market where Peregrine Falcons can sell for upto £70,000 it was a surprise that when Mark Avery gave Gary the opportunity to explain himself, he skimmed over his recent past. You can read all of Gary’s post here, but this extract is very revealing:

Gary conveniently edits his own personal history, skimming over the fact that he set up a falcon breeding centre in Scotland for the Middle Eastern market. This article from 2011 shows that he had been breeding falcons for some 20 years, so he clearly hadn’t retired in the “Early 2000’s”, his breeding site did get planning permission.

Perhaps Gary’s memory isn’t very good, his idea of retiring in the early 2000’s just as exports were taking off seems particularly odd. As shortly after getting planning permission for a larger breeding facility in 2011 that he’d been operating for 20 years was sold just two years later, to guess who?

Gary insists that the birds will not be bred for commercial gain, that’s very difficult to believe given his history. It’s even harder to believe when we look at the next licence holder (they named Gary in their application) who run a travelling circus/zoo without the proper permits:

Alan Rothery & Debbie Rothery
the owners of Sky High Falconry.

How Natural England decided to give these people a license to take eggs from peregrines nests reveals exactly the state they are in. They couldn’t even manage to do a simple check on the business, which hasn’t registered itself for either a zoo licence or registered under the performing animals act.
Earlier this week Freedom for Animals posted:

“The company has continued to keep and exhibit their captive birds, meaning that it is believed to have been illegally operating for a considerable period of time.”

Alan shows everyone how he thinks these majestic creatures should be handled.

We looked through Alan’s and Debbie’s facebook pages to find out more about their connections and past. Unsurprisingly both of them have many connections to Abu Dhabi. A quick skim through Alan’s followers on fb shows he certainly is well connected to UAE.

Going back a few years on his profile pictures this came up from 2011:

and again more recently in 2014:

This is Peregrine Falcon racing, it has nothing to do with the conservation of a species and everything to do with money.

The Scottish Hawking Club facebook group that Alan runs with Debbie conveniently hadn’t locked down it’s members list. No doubt they’ll get round to it after reading this post, but we’ve already saved the page, along with all the other unsecured friends and followers lists.

It was in that Hawking club that we found another person we knew who had applied to take peregrines from the wild. A Dr. Karl Jennings. His application was not successful, but it also included Gary Wall’s name in the application.

Karl isn’t the brightest button, as this news article demonstrates, he had to enlist firefighters to remove the ring he’d placed on a bird, which then grew out of it.

The third person to be given a licence was a Mr. David Martin, we know very little about him other than the contact details he gave on his application to Natural England. He also named Gary Wall on his application.

We cannot understand how or why any of these people have been given a licence to take Peregrines from the wild. Please do contact Natural England chiefs at home and ask them why they have allowed this travesty to occur.

You can find their details here.

Don’t expect too much though, Head of NE and so called environmentalist said this to The Telegraph:

We had threatening legal letters from Natural England last year after revealing confidential information, they can carry on threatening us, their threats are music to our ears. We know when they get upset we are on the right path. If they don’t like it then they can stop licensing badger culls.

We run entirely on small donations and as we are voluntary have very low overheads, no staff wages, no office rent etc, what we do have is monthly bills to run a vehicle and phone/internet bills. We appreciate that this is a difficult time for everyone and many people cannot afford donations to charities. If you would like to buy us a cup of coffee, you can do so here.

Contact details for the nest robbers:
Gary Wall
Birch House, Kiltarlity, Beauly, Inverness-shire. IV4 7HT
email: falcoscot@hotmail.com
twitter: https://twitter.com/Falcoscott
Gary has now deleted his facebook profile.

Alan & Debbie Rothery
Skyhigh Falconry, Old Granton Cottage, Annan Water, Moffat, Dumfriesshire. DG10 9LT
tel: 01655 760333
mobile: 07711 730 579
email: alan@skyhighfalconry.com
private facebook for Alan: https://www.facebook.com/alan.rothery.5
private facebook for Debbie: https://www.facebook.com/debbie.rothery

David Martin
Easter Rynaballoch, Haughs of Cromdale Road, Cromdale, Grantown on Spey, Morayshire. PH26 3LW
telephone: 01807 510356
email: birdiemartin2@gmail.com

Dr. Karl Jennings (applied but failed to get license)
4, The Field, Long Lane, Telford, Shropshire, TF6 6HE
Mobile: 07803 580 633
email: karljennings@hotmail.com
email: karl.jenningsmrcvs@googlemail.com

Fox hunting minister, insists cull must continue.

A story in today’s mirror about a letter from Lord Gardiner covering the badger cull says:

“Cull companies are not businesses which have been mandated to close … Government guidance is clear that travel for work which cannot be done from home is permitted, and routine business and disease management activities respecting hygiene and social distancing, can continue.”

He insisted the “ability to deliver safe, effective and humane culling operations is paramount”.

This is simply not true, of all the elements of the badger cull there is one that cannot be done with social distancing and that is the free shooting of badgers. The reason it can’t be done is simple, shooters have to work in teams of two and very rarely come from the same household.

This means that the freeshooting element of the badger cull will force people into sharing vehicles, furthermore those teams of shooters change very frequently, so by the end of the badger cull the majority of a zones shooters could have Corona virus, some may even die.

Lord Gardiner probably couldn’t care less, he’s a notorious fox hunter, who was chairman of the Kimblewick hunt for many years. He mentions it along with the Countryside Alliance in his list of interests:

This particular hunt has been in the national press a couple of times in the last few years, many following the badger cull will remember the Kimblewick having to kill many of it’s hounds after they contracted bTB, no doubt spreading the disease across the country.

Last year two of the hunts members were caught releasing a trapped fox to hounds.

The district judge, Kamlesh Rana, said the fox was “trapped in the earth and was faced with drainage rods at one end and humans at the other” and that the defendants’ actions were “deliberate and premediated”. However, she recognised during their sentencing that they “were not the brains of the operation”.

You have to wonder who was?

Sir John Gardiner, raven killer.

Well known classical music conductor and friend to Prince Charles is killing ravens on his Dorset farm. An application sent to Natural England by Sir Gardiner has been seen by “Stop the Cull”:

We will be lambing 1000 ewes outside and are
most concerned that we shall have a repetition of the
damage to our flock as experienced in the last two
years when we lost approx. 70 ewes and lambs per year
to ravens killing new born lambs and pecking eyes out
of ewes as they lamb.”

and his reasoning to kill continued:

As a commercial farming
business we are exposed to financial hardship through
losses of livestock. Also the welfare issues are
extremely important to us. Ewes with pecked out eyes
have to be put down, leaving orphan lambs, and great
numbers of lambs are killed or half

It’s difficult to believe that Sir Gardiner really understands what “financial hardship” means having inherited a farm (his father Rolf was one of the founders of the soil association and a suspected supporter of the Nazi party) and having a successful career as a conductor. Indeed his financial records for the farm show that he has over £300k cash in the bank and assetts in excess of £1million.

What was also very interesting was who Sir Gardiner employed to do the killing, 4 men, 3 of whom are known badger cull contractors:

Rob Burton, kills badgers in cages and free shooting, holds a shotgun and firearms licence.
Belvedere, Hartgrove, Shaftesbury, SP7 0LA
mob: 07780 665530
email: rebgroundworks@gmail.com

Andrew Gingell, has been involved in free shooting of badgers, holds a firearms licence.
Keepers Cottage, West Lodge, Iwerne Minster, Blandford Forum, DT11 8LE
mob: 07854 791645
email: jenny_lindsay@hotmail.co.uk .

Martin Coombes
, another one who is free shooting badgers and holds a firearms licence, believed to be killing in multiple badger cull zones.
Sutton Hill Farm Cottage, Iwerne Minster, Blandford Forum, DT11 8LG
mob: 07825 814296
email: ferretnboris@hotmail.com

A futher two men Andrew Eves and David Vincent, were both listed at Sir Gardiners home address of:
Gore Farm, Ashmore, SP5 5AR.
Sir John Gardiner email:
phone: 01747 811157

On the application to kill the ravens it was said of these men:

1 – Robert Burton – deer stalker
2 – Andrew Gingell – game keeper for 30 years +
3 – Martin Coombes – under game keeper
4 – Andrew Eves- 16 years experience of shooting vermin

What we find particularly odd is that the licence is for 5 people to kill 5 birds, there is no evidence offered that ravens are actually attacking sheep, they are well known to pick at dead animals but that isn’t proof they kill them and even if they did kill them, must we kill all the predators in this country so that some hobby farmers can make a few quid?

We know that Natural England approved this licence to kill 5 ravens, we can guess the level of monitoring to ensure the numbers were not exceeded..

We currently need help to fund the cost of hosting this website and vehicle insurance, if you can help us continue our fight against those that would kill wildlife, please consider donating a few coins here.

Soil Association vet killing badgers.

For some years the lack of interest in stopping the badger cull from the Soil Association has drawn a lot of confusion, how can an organisation that says: “Animal welfare is at the heart of organic and our standards are the highest of any farming system in the UK” when they support badger culling, the answer may well lie in the fact that a vet who is an advisor to the soil association is not only pro cull but goes out killing badgers.

We can exclusively reveal that Peter Plate has been going out killing badgers for at least 3 years now, possibly a lot longer. Please do contact him with your thoughts about why a vet shouldn’t be killing healthy animals:

Peter Plate, 5 High Street, Sixpenny Handley, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP5 5NR
mobile: 07743 043 731
email: peter.plate@btinternet.com

Please also contact the Soil Association and ask them why they are still supporting a badger cull: press@soilassociation.org

We will be keeping a close eye on Mr. Plate and his movements this year.

Our website costs have just come in for this year, we are an entirely voluntary organisation that relies on small donations to continue, if you would like to support us please follow this link:

Game Farm Map goes Europe wide

Last year the Countryside Alliance put some effort into highlighting the map of game farms that had been compiled and put up online.

The CA, desperate to stop the public from knowing the locations of game farms, emailed all their members to ask Facebook to remove a post from “Stop the Cull”. Facebook agreed to remove the post, but crucially, the map is still up and all the CA achieved was letting everyone know exactly how worried the shooting industry is.

“It first became clear that an underground attack on the shooting industry was occurring when game farms in Wiltshire and Cornwall were targeted by animal rights extremists. In total, thousands of pounds of damage was caused, having significant impacts on the businesses. The criminals lauded and promoted their despicable attacks on several social media platforms using fake accounts, second-hand information and friendly media sources.”

We suspect the 50.000 plus views of the map is in itself proof of how much concern there is inside the industry.

Over the winter of 2019/20 a lot of effort has been put into updating the map with hundreds of locations across Europe. If you know anyone who is interested in Animal Rights anywhere in Europe, please consider passing on a link to this page to them and encourage them to film/protest/liberate.

If you’d like to support our work in exposing animal abusers, please consider buying us a cup of coffee, we run on small donations and your contribution does make a difference to our ability to continue.

You can view the map here:

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