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Prof. Dawkin’s ancesteral home signed up for badger cull.

Richard Dawkins shares anti cull petition on Twitter

Prof. Richard Dawkins spoke out against the badger cull back in 2013, so it came as some surpise to find that it has a badger killer “Mike Kettlewell” running the estate.

Over Norton Park, purchased in 1726 with money made by the slave trader William Dawkins (according to the Daily Mail) is currently run by Mr. Kettlewell and his wife Sarah Kettlewell. Sarah is Richard Dawkins’ sister and you can see on companies house records that both siblings are directors of the farm.

Mike’s involvement in the badger cull was discovered when his email: came up from a data scrape hack of the NFU’s central database. The email came up as a verified user, meaning that Mike has logged into the CMS website and verified his email address by creating a password as a site user.

We suspect that Mike doesn’t have permission from directors including Richard Dawkins to kill badgers, but may well be getting pressured by his neighbours who have clearly gone down with bTB according to the website:

All breakdowns, from all available years near Over Norton

It’s sadly something that is seen across all cull zones, farmers who have no interest in being involved in the badger cull being bullied into it by neighbours, cull directors and local parish organisers. We do not know if Mike Kettlewell has been pressured or if he has gone along with it willingly, but he certainly has logged into the NFU’s badger killing website.

Please email Mike Kettlewell at:
tel: 01608 644693
mobile: 07850 002245
and politely ask him to make a public stand against the badger cull.

Richard Dawkin can be found on twitter at

The Script Pixies, thriving inside NFU cull website.

On Friday, we revealed that the NFU website (where All the data on where badgers are killed, And who has done the killing) is currently heavily under attack by anti-cull hackers.

So what have the NFU done to try and calm the shooters?

They’ve sent a feeble message telling everyone that “Foreign IP addresses are blocked”, and that multiple attempts to access different accounts using the same IP address will be locked out for an hour. Users are told if they are locked out, to try again an hour later and they can always click “forgotten password”.

We know they sent that out, because we’ve seen it.

We have also been passed on this screenshot of crime reports from within one of the Cheshire zones (GI which they refer to as Leo). Dated just yesterday, the 20th of September.

Crime report, most recent report Sunday 20th September

When the hackers said they still had access, they clearly were not lying. Everyone involved in killing badgers should realise that the NFU doesn’t have their best interests at heart, and we can prove it.

Below is a map. On that map there are currently just 20 shooters (a random selection of the many, many hundreds we now have). Every day that the website is up, another 20 will go on the map. So, if you are involved in killing badgers, you may want to consider contacting the NFU and asking them to pull the site.

And as Fieldsport news recently reported on another leak:
We suggest “anyone whose data has been leaked to contact the Information Commissioner’s Office and take it from there.”
Maybe Charlie Jacoby who has now been outed can take the lead? Individuals who have their details leaked can sue the source (in this case the NFU) and are entitled to thousands.

This is due to the fact that it’s down to the NFU to secure people’s personal data. British Airways know all about that from when they had clients details published in 2018 after a hack, thousands are now suing:
SPG Law’s website indicates that each claimant could expect up to 2,000 pounds in compensation, on average.

So the NFU now has to decide, at what point they are going to pull the plug on their culling website? Leave it up and watch us expose 20 new people every day, or pull the plug and throw the badger cull into chaos.

If you are having problems with the map, please download the .csv file

Please do contact all 20 of these people. If you want to stay totally safe, keep all correspondence polite. If you want to withold your number dial 141 first, but be aware that the police will be able to track you and may well contact you if you make threats. Keep it polite, a simple “Can you explain why you are killing badgers?” is perfectly within the law.

The page that will have all the follow on maps is here. Please have a read and remember to come back, lots more to follow.

Badger cull website, hacked to pieces.

Anonymous Communique recieved:

When we first read about the Carcase Management System (CMS) website back in February after a leak from the NFU, we knew the secrets it held would be priceless to the anti cull movement. All of the cage trappers, free shooters and assorted badger cull helpers all log, all of their badger killing information onto a single website. Locations searched for badger setts are logged, as are kills, who did the killing, what time etc etc.

Thanks to some obvious clues in metadata it was only minutes before we discovered the url:
Since that discovery back in February we have been gaining regular access to the site, pushing deeper and further into huge piles of data including crime reports, shooters identities, locations of kills and email addresses of those involved.

On Tuesday, the NFU IT people finally spotted us and have since made some minor adjustments to try and protect the site. But unfortunately for them it is too little, too late, we are in the system and will continue to edit and scrape data, we were also changing records (including crime reports) as they come in. This year’s data on kills sent to Natural England will be based on our false reports, making the continuation of the cull completely pointless.

Going through the records of shooters, we were not completely surprised to find Fieldsports TV presenter Charlie Jacoby had attempted to kill badgers back in 2017, although he went out on 4 different occasions, he never actually managed to shoot any badgers. (see the image above)

Every shooter and cage trapper and helper who is involved in the badger cull has to log on to this system, using their email addresses which we now have. Attached are just a handful, we will be releasing more of the data in the coming days and weeks.

More to follow.

Communique ends.

Tory MP’s get our website pulled.

The tory government are so upset with us, that they have got their friends in the police (not sure how they have any friends in the police given the cuts to the service over the last 10 years) to pull the website, so we now have a new website url:

The reason given for the website getting pulled was that a list of pro cull and hunting tory mps was against the terms of service. So it is no longer being hosted by us. However it is still on the wayback machine and if it gets pulled from there, no doubt it will pop up somewhere else.

It is important to note that this list is a couple of years out of date, although many of the details will be correct, it may make sense to politely knock on the door and check they still live at the address before organising any demonstrations.

We would also advice that you “save” the list as it may well get pulled at any moment.

The tories said at the beginning of the year that they would “phase out” the badger cull, yet they have now licenced 11 new zones. But what else would you expect from the tories?

Orbell holiday rental and his own holidays revealed.

Bluebirds, 3 Polzeath Gardens, Polzeath, Cornwall, PL27 6SS

Purchased in 2017, Simon and Lucy Orbell are now getting in a nice income from their Cornish holiday home. Advertised on a number of websites and fully booked except one week in October (only £700 a week)
It is very close to the beach as you can see in this aerial photograph.

But when Lucy & Simon went on holiday recently to Cornwall, we have been informed that they chose to stay in a hotel in Wadebridge. From August the 20th-24th they stayed at the Molesworth Arms hotel.
Simon and Lucy did have a nice holiday in Madrid booked in June but unfortunately had to cancel.
A source close to Orbell tells us that last year they went to Garda in Italy.
Alright for some! but then when you have a million pound contract from the british government to help protect badger shooters, they can afford to go anywhere.

Wakey, Wakey Mr.Orbell.

Anonymous report received this morning:
Night 3/3.
Simon and Lucy –
We sticker bombed your neighbourhood. Every Lampost, for sale sign, and road sign has stickers of badgers on. Your neighbours will be reminded that they have killers in their community every road they turn down. Unless you take them down promptly as we noticed you did the paint job on your drive way. Ashamed of the truth?

Not content with a simple stickering we hopped into to your garden and gave a nice wake up blast at 2am for you. We’ve been having a nice snoop around your home and getting to know you both very well. See you tomorrow!

Mr.Orbell gets 1am wake up call.

No rest for the wicked.

We have recieved this anonymous report, we are told that 20 people visited Mr.Orbell at his home at 1 am this morning, culminating in neighbours coming out wondering why airhorns were being blasted and finishing with a chant of “SHAME ON YOU, SIMON ORBELL”

Littlefield, Mark Way, GODALMING, GU7 2BD
mobile: 07980 612 281

This is their report, if you would like to know more about Mr.Orbell and Syntech, read through our news reports.

“When you attack wildlife expect resistance. When you take money to help with the murder of tens of thousands of badgers expect a lot of masked up people to show up to your house in the middle of the night. We know where you live Simon and Lucy and as long as you’re involved in the cull our interest in you will only increase.”

“The million pounds of taxpayers money that has been given to Syntech Systems run by Simon and Lucy Orbell to help murder badgers across our countryside is an outrage. Beautiful badgers will be shot across the countryside thanks to Simon. Badger families are being torn apart and my kids might grow up in a world without badgers if we keep this up. Shame on you Simon. I’d ask how you sleep at night but I know that at least last night you didn’t.”

“For me, this action was about two things: stopping the badger cull and sending a message to abusers hiding behind their companies–you’ve all got homes and we’ll be there making you feel as vulnerable as those you exploit. SHACtivists got targeted by the State because they refused to make change happen through a system structured to ensure they fail; they went around that system instead–and it worked.”

Simon Orbell is responsible for enabling the murder of thousands of badgers which is not only unnecessary, but unjust. We figured that if he was willing to enable the intimidation and killing of badgers, then we would pay him a visit and give him a taste of his own medicine!

It was so easy for a large group of angry masked up people to go right up to your front door. Think about that Simon. We saw you, too scared to come outside, peaking out your window and calling the police.

We are watching you.

Badger Cull in jeopardy as Syntech is exposed.

The badger cull has 3 requirements: Humane, Safe and Effective.
The one which the police have shown continuous interest in is “safety”, armed people with guns being chased across the countryside has obvious safety implications. Which is why the shooters have always had to have some kind of tracker on them, in the early years it was tetra radio devices.

But after we revealed that we were using tetra detectors to track and find shooters, the devices were withdrawn, they had been paid for by defra at a cost to the tax payer of over £500,000. That was back in 2017.

In 2019 we revealed that the NFU had distributed trackers to shooters, again paid for by Defta at a cost to the tax payer of hundreds of thousands of pounds.

We kept digging and we found out that Syntech Systems run by Simon Orbell and his partner Lucy Orbell (nee Adams) has actually pulled in a contract for tracking devices costing the tax payer over £1million! Read through this document and check out page 8 for the accidentally unredacted cost:

They have interestingly renamed a product they are buying in, called the “TMT250” and renaming it “Halo360”, the British Government have actually advertised this weird trademark violation!

Halo360 is a professional grade GNSS personal or vehicle tracking solution. Open interfaces support simple integration with many types of tracking devices. Scalable & secure from a handful to 1000’s of users Halo360 provides realtime event notifications and detailed historical reporting through web browsers and Android, IOS & Windows apps.

Please as a matter of urgency contact microsoft and let them know about this company using their trademarked product (xbox 360 game console which is owned by microsoft has a best selling game called “HALO”). You can do that here:

More importantly please contact Simon Orbell, if he realises the strong opposition to the cull from all walks of life, maybe he would consider pulling the plug on the contract. Taking away the safety element of these tracking devices could delay the cull by weeks as we saw in the past, potentially it could stop the cull completely.

Ring him, call round his house, maybe do a banner drop outside his offices? Whatever you think may help persuade him, tens of thousands of badgers lives depend on you.

Simon Orbell
Littlefield, Mark Way, GODALMING, GU7 2BD
mobile: 07980 612 281

Syntech Systems Ltd
Mission Hall,
53a Woking Road,
01483 443800

Inside the house.
precise location of the house.
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